Questions & Answers


Is GlobalNetint registered under the Data Protection Act?

We take data protection very seriously and are registered under the Data Protection Act. We hold the minimum amount of data necessary to transact on your behalf. We are legally unable to share any information with third parties other than the necessary details to process transactions.

Why do I have to open an account to use your services?

It is required under the strict Anti-Money Laundering Regulations as we are compelled to carry out compliance procedures on all our clients.

What is the GlobalNetint policy?

GlobalNetint complies with all money laundering legislation and guidelines. We have a legal obligation to report to Customs and Excise/NCIS any suspicious transactions.
a. The law requires us to monitor any unusual or suspicious transactions of any size where we have reasonable grounds to believe the money is derived from illegal activity. Where a report of any such transaction is made, GlobalNetint accepts no liability for any delay in transmission of the funds.
b. The law also requires us to keep full records of all transactions of 15,000 EUR (about 10.000 GBP) and above, together with copies of identification provided. Identification may be in the form of a passport or driving license with photograph, and proof of address in the form of a recent (within the last three months) utility bill/community charge bill.
We are unable to process any transaction where this information is not provided.