Questions & Answers


How long do the transfers take to be received?

Transfer times are subject to time zones and local banking hours and therefore it depends on where you are sending the funds.
Transfers to the US and Western Europe take up to 2 working days.
Payments to countries outside of the US and Western Europe can take up to 5 working days to be received by the beneficiary bank.

Is there a limit per transaction?

GlobalNetint has no minimum or maximum transaction.

Do rates vary according to the transfer amount?

Yes, the fees will vary depending on the amount.

Are there any hidden charges, costs or commissions?

No, there are no extra costs or commission added to your transaction. We only charge a payment fee for onward transmission of your funds.

What happens if the funds didn't reach its destination?

Firstly, we can request the MT103/Swift from the bank. If this document is not helpful, we can start an official tracer investigation with the bank in order to locate the funds.

If I processed a transfer with incorrect details, can I amend it?

If this occurs, we can try to cancel the transaction. If the transaction has already been completed, we can send an amendment to the bank.
Please note that this process will be done by the bank, for which sometimes is successful and sometimes the money is already on its way back to us and the amendment cannot be placed.

If I sent a payment by mistake, can I recall it?

We can recall the transfer only if the beneficiary will agree to it. If we request it but the beneficiary does not agree, the recall procedure is not possible.

Can I make payments to individuals and companies?

Yes, you can process payments to individuals and businesses.